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how to write a eulogy - Books about Eulogy Writing

Many authors have shared their wisdom and expertise on the topic of Eulogy Writing and Delivery. Presented below are some of the more popular books about eulogy writing.

Each book is briefly profiled and the features of each are highlighted for easy comparison across books. The links provided will route you to Amazon where many of the books are available in hardcopy or in an electronic formate for immediate download.


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Books About Eulogy Writing

A Labor of Love” has helped thousands of people in similar situations to write and deliver what most agree is the most difficult speech one can ever give. This book warmly and with compassion and encouragement provides guidance that is clear, specific, and immediately helpful. This book delivers what you need, now.


A Labor of Love” delivers:

  • A How-To section designed to walk you through the writing process step by step. Specific phrasing and prepartory questions are included.
  • Eulogy Writing short cuts, because you probably have limited time prior to the service
  • Eulogy delivery tips
  • Sample Eulogies to guide and inspire
  • Poems to incorporate into the service or your eulogy



Instant Eulogy” outlines 5 basic steps to guide you through the Eulogy Writing process. Learn how to set the mood, incorporate stories, and memories to characterize the qualities that made your loved on so special.



Instant Eulogy” delivers:

  • 22 Sample Eulogies for Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Sister, Brother, Friend, Husband, Wife, and Grandparents
  • 110 Quotations
  • Eulogy delivery tips
  • Practical Funeral Planning advince including casket selection
  • 101 Tips for comforting survivors following a loss
  • 14 Tasteful humor tips
  • 6 Checklists, including Funeral Planning, Initial Steps, Important Funeral related decisions, Selecting a Funeral home, and Things to do prior to the funeral
  • Links to Grief Support tools and guides



Eulogy Writing” is an easy to read Kindle product designed to help you write and deliver a memerable eulogy for family member or close friend.




Eulogy Writing” delivers:

  • Eulogy writing steps
  • Poems, sayings, quotes, and scriptures appropriate for any eulogy
  • Many eulogy samples to guide and inspire your preparation
  • Immediate download as an Amazon Kindal Product



Eulogy Made Simple” is compassionly written with the eulogist in mind. This guide was assembled after its author delivered the eulogy for his grandfather. This guide represents the lessons learned through preparing hundreds of funerals and advising or delivering nearly as many eulogies.


Eulogy Made Simple” delivers:

  • The 6 key steps for preparing and delivering an easy and stress free eulogy
  • 2 Energency “fill in the blank” eulogy templates
  • Poems and meaningful quotes
  • Eulogy examples across a range of relationships
  • Examples of famous eulogies



Guide to Writing a Eulogy” is designed to prepare the eulogy writer to plan, organize, and compose a eulogy speech quickly and with minimal stress. This guide represents over 10 years of research and writing experience.



Guide to Writing a Eulogy” delivers:

  • Stages of Eulogy Writing
  • What to avoid when writing a eulogy
  • Tips to assist the eulogy writing process



Good Words: Memorializing Through a Eulogy” understands that the eulogy is about sharing the human qualities of the deceased and teaches the reader how a eulogy can play an important role in the grieving process.



Good Words: Memorializing Through a Eulogy” delivers:

  • Dissects the Eulogy Writing process
  • Provides lessons on how to deliver an effective eulogy
  • Explains how and when to involve children
  • Delivers advice on how to revise and polish a eulogy
  • Explores various religious perspectives and traditions that might influence a eulogy


Each of the above is a fantastic resource to assist your eulogy writing requirement. If you have another book or resource you’ve used, please let us know if the comment field below and we’ll be pleased to add it to the list.


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