Funeral Planning Books

 Funeral Planning Books

Planning for a funeral can be quite stressful. Often times those most directly impacted by the loss are left making significant and potentially expensive decisions. It times like this it is helpful to have quality resources available to assist. In this article we outline several of the best funeral planning books which can help shoulder unfamiliar parts of the funeral planning process.


Funeral Planning Books

“Funeral Planning Basics”

Thinking about planning a funeral? Want to save time and money?  We all come to a stage in our lives when it’s natural to think about what will happen when we are no longer around. We wonder about loved ones and what we would like to leave to them as a parting gift. Well, one of the things we shouldn’t leave them is the burden of high funeral costs and the worry of deciding on funeral arrangements.

Fortunately, through proper funeral planning, you can ensure that your loved ones are not confronted with this unnecessary burden at a time which is already very traumatic.


In putting together a funeral plan you will need to consider matters such as:-

  • whether you want to donate your body to science;
  • whether you want to be buried or cremated;
  • where you want your remains buried, scattered or kept;
  • the type of ceremony that you will have and where it will be held;
  • whether you wish to be embalmed;
  • whether there will be a procession to the cemetery;
  • how your family will travel to and from services;
  • the funeral products you wish to buy such as caskets, burial vaults and urns; and
  • lots more.

To help you plan your funeral (or someone else’s) Enodare has created a book entitled “Funeral Planning Basics” which will guide you through the entire process of planning a funeral!

Funeral Planning Basics will introduce you to issues such as organ donations, purchasing caskets, cremation, burial, purchasing grave plots, organization of funeral services and much more. You will also be introduced to other issues including the legalities surrounding burial, the cost of pre-arranging a funeral, how to save money on funerals, how to finance funerals and more.

Once you have gained an understanding of the various issues involved in planning a funeral, you will be able to use the accompanying funeral planning worksheet to create your own funeral plan.

With this easy-to-read book, you can quickly and easily plan a funeral…..and save plenty of money in the process!



“Funerals:  Step by Step Planning.  A Death has Occurred, What Now?”

What would happen if a family member, or you, died tomorrow?

There is nothing more heartbreaking and distressing than the death of a loved one. In most cases, after a death, you will have only a few days to make decisions for a funeral. Confronted with dozens of choices you must hastily and often under great emotional duress make decisions and then you must live with those decisions. Often you wonder would this be what he/she would have wanted? It is to be hoped that this book will assist you and your family as you maneuver your way through a tragic time.
“Funerals – Step by Step Planning,” is not connected to the funeral industry and being unbiased will introduce you to the fundamentals, procedures and guidelines that a funeral entails. The introductory chapter presents suggestions and expertise to guide you through the emotional task of preparing for the funeral. There are 45 concise guidelines, a so called “crash course.”
The following chapters cover the 45 steps more thoroughly and in more detail.
As you navigate your way through the chapters, instruction and advice will assist you in making knowledgeable, informed decisions, or you will be provided with a website or phone number where you can find answers.
One of the most economically informative chapters is on the Funeral Consumers Alliance or Memorial Societies, like me, most of my family and friends had never heard of them. They are regional, nonprofit, nonsectarian societies, generally run by volunteers that keep costs for a dignified funeral to a minimum with their affiliate funeral homes. They have grown into one of the most respected non profit watchdog groups in the United States and Canada. By joining the organization, filling in a funeral guidance form and sending it to an affiliate funeral home you can have a simple, meaningful, dignified funeral, saving from 10% to a 40% discount off conventional funeral industry costs.


Some of the topics include:
  • how to donate your body to science
  • organ and tissue donation
  • Funeral Consumer’s Alliance and memorial societies
  • buying or renting the right casket – purchasing an urn
  • preplanning a funeral, an increasing number of people are planning their own
  • funerals and specifying their funeral choices at their own pace
  • last minute bereavement flights and compassionate fares
  • visitation, viewings and embalming  the funeral: traditional, graveside, private, non-commemorative
  • body disposition options: burial, direct burial, cremation, direct cremation
  • memorial services or a celebration of life
  • how to write an obituary and death notice a guide to preparing and delivering eulogies
  • recommendations where flowers are, or are not appropriate
  • suggestions for appropriate music selections and poems
  • choosing a cemetery and buying a plot
  • memorialization and creating a special tribute
  • reception after the service
  • personal details to complete before a death: wills, living wills
  • preparing your family for financial guidance when a death is imminent
  • survivors guidelines to settling affairs of the deceased and information on how to secure financial help and benefits
  • websites and phone numbers to contact when further information is needed  green burial
There are 5 preplanning forms:
  1. Comparing funeral home costs
  2. Preplanning a funeral
  3. An obituary facilitator
  4. Financial data of the deceased for survivors
  5. Form to advise future generations on any health problems.

This book will start you off on your journey to assist your family in completing and concluding the final chapter of a loved one with dignity and grace.



“The Ultimate To Do List When Your Loved Ones Dies:  Before and After the Funeral”

It’s 2 a.m., and the phone rings.  If a loved one has died and you are responsible for handling the funeral arrangements, the next 48 hours will be a mad rush for you and your family.  The whole ordeal tests your sense of organization, and your memory, patience and relationships. The dreaded feeling of “What did I forget to do?” is heavy.

The shock of the death, in addition to the sheer number of details associated with funeral planning and taking care of your loved one’s wishes and estate, can be overwhelming even for the most organized person. The Ultimate To Do List When Your Loved One Dies: Before & After the Funeral will keep you organized, reduce your stress and burden, and help you to approach these necessary tasks and to do items with confidence.

This book will help you to be ready for death and to systematize what needs to be done prior to death. Through a concerted effort at pro-active funeral planning, you or someone responsible for taking care of your funeral will have the information needed to carry out final arrangements and wishes with ease and confidence when death happens.

Life planning conversations and taking an active role in your or a family member’s funeral arrangements can transform a painful and stressful occasion into one of great meaning and peace for all of those involved.

This book will help you to be prepared.


Each of the above is a fantastic resource to assist your funeral planning requirements. If you have another book or resource you’ve used, please let us know if the comment field below and we’ll be pleased to add it to the list.


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