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Eulogy Writing Guide, How to Write a Eulogy

The Eulogy Writing Guide:  How to Write a Loving Eulogy to Remember is Jason Keith’s product designed to help quickly produce a memorial Eulogy speech. In most cases the eulogy presenter is provided limited time to prepare their speech so having a product designed to provide rapid results is important.

Jason promotes his course as “totally different from anything else available on the web or in bookstores”. And while that’s an impressive boast, he may be correct.

There are lots of eulogy guides and most provide significant value to their targeted audience – those presented with the opportunity to deliver a eulogy but with limited or no experience doing so.


Let’s take a look at Jason’s The Eulogy Writing Guide to see how his product delivers on his promise.

The first difference I noticed with The Eulogy Writing Guide is Jason’s three-tier pricing. His price points start at about $17 and run up to (a currently discounted price of) $32. (regularly $39).

This is intriguing because he allows his audience to select the product profile best suited to their needs.  But are these products worth the price?

Which tier delivers the best value?

Eulogy Writing Guide

The Eulogy Writing Guide Tier 1 (currently $17) The backbone of this offering is the Eulogy Writing Guide itself. This is an experience-based fact-filled guide intended to provide the essentials necessary to prepare and deliver a memorable eulogy.

Highlights of this guide include:

Eulogy Writing Guide, How to Write a Eulogy

  • 6 part Eulogy Writing Formula
  • Different Eulogy styles explained and how to select the most appropriate for your loved one
  • Handy Poems and Quotes
  • 4 ingredients every Eulogy should contain
  • What not to include in the Eulogy
  • Four groups who are critical to a successful Eulogy
  • Tips for handling emotions during your presentation
  • Templates to get your started


In the Tier 1 package you also get handy Eulogy Writing worksheets. These are intended to simplify the writing process.

Included are worksheets to help you gather thoughts and key biographical information along with interview guides to help capture thoughts and memories from friends and family members.

Eulogy Writing Guide, How to Write a Eulogy

Tier 2 Builds on this information by including 20 pre-written sample eulogies to jump start your writing efforts. These can be easily customized to help you quickly prepare a professionally crafted AND personal tribute for your loved one.

Relationships comprising this set include:

  • Mother/Father
  • Grandmother/Father
  • Step Mother/Father
  • Sister/Brother
  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Aunt/Uncle
  • Friends – Male and Female
  • Suicide – Male and Female
  • Co-worker – Male and Female


This Tier also includes 2 handy guides covering Funeral Planning and Obituary Writing.

The Funeral Planning Guide covers:Eulogy Writing Guide, How to Write a Eulogy

  • What to do first
  • How much will it cost
  • Select a funeral home
  • How to create a funeral program
  • Planning Check lists


The Obituary Guide covers:Eulogy Writing Guide, How to Write a Eulogy

  • How to Write an Obituary
  • Common Elements of an Obituary
  • Different Obituary Formats
  • Newspaper publishing
  • Same Obituaries



The Premium Tier includes a tool which promises to set this product apart. Jason calls it his Eulogy Online Automator.

Eulogy Writing Guide, How to Write a Eulogy


In his words, the Automator “literally writes your eulogy for you”. Your purchase of the premium product will include access credentials for a web based tool which will cycle you through a series of questions about the deceased and will auto-generate a custom eulogy that may be used as is, or further reviewed and edited.



All purchases are backed by Jason’s 60 day no questions asked guarantee.

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