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Eulogies Made Easy is the result of the collaboration between Margaret Marquisi and Reverend Mark Long who have attended and presided over numerous funerals. They have distilled their lessons and observations from countless successful eulogies into a series of tools and guides which they personally guarantee to provide the assistance you require in the face of this difficult task.

We all understand that writing a eulogy is a unique challenge. It blends a common fear of public speaking with the challenge of summarizing a life lived into a memorable and appropriately reflective speech. Against those obstacles, it is reasonable to consider spending a few dollars for expert guidance and I believe this book, or product package really, is worth the nominal investment.

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So, if you’re struggling to find the right words, or to organize your thoughts. If you’re anxious about eulogy etiquette or simply find the gravity of the assignment to be overwhelming, then first, realize that you’re not alone and second, consider this as a potential tool for breaking through your fear and procrastination.

The best part of Eulogies Made Easy is the comprehensive AND customized nature of the product. When you order you first select a Eulogy Writing Guide that is specific to the nature of your presentation. If you are eulogizing a close relative or friend, the pitch perfect guide is available for you.

Eulogies Made Easy - Personalized Guide Options


Second, you receive a set of 4 information guides to further inform your eulogy preparation. This includes an 8 step Eulogy Writing Guide, Dealing with Loss Guide, Collection of Famous Eulogies, and a large collection of over 300 funeral poems.

Eulogies Made Easy - 4 Information Guides

Eulogies Made Easy - Audio Guide

There’s also an audio version of the Eulogy Writing Guide to re-enforce the lessons you learned while reading the guides.


Plus there are 5 ‘cheat sheets’ to further assist your preparations. These cover such topics as:Eulogies Made Easy - Cheat Sheet Reports

  • Words of Wisdom to help perfect your word selection and phrasing
  • 30 Idea Generators to assist your research
  • Secrets to writing condolence letters
  • 12 Tips to help you maintain your composure while speaking
  • 12 Memorization Tips to further assist your preparation


These materials will help you prepare an appropriate and memorable eulogy. Also available are 4 bonus digital guides which can assist your eulogy prep, as well as, your daily life.

Eulogies Made Easy - Digital Bonuses

  • How to Stop Anxiety Attacks
  • Text to Speech – Captivating Speeches Made Easy
  • How to Gain Confidence
  • How to Be a Public Speaking Superstar


I recommend this as comprehensive starting point for your eulogy writing assignment and the authors stand by their product with a robust risk free refund offer.

Follow this link – Eulogies Made Easy – for near immediate access to each of the above tools.

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