A Standard Eulogy Format

filler-684922_1920What do I include in a eulogy? How do I organize the content? How should the eulogy flow? All of these and more are popular questions when it comes to writing a funeral speech. Here we rundown a popular eulogy format to help you ensure that all of your key basis are covered. Having a plan from the start always helps so let’s get going.




Eulogy Format – What to Include in your Funeral Speech

Opening Statements

In this phase you’ll want to consider including the following types of information:

  • Opening poem or quote, select something short. Something that allows you to ease into the flow of speaking to this audience about this topic.
  • Introduce yourself and briefly explain your relationship with the departed. This is not about you but will help to explain why you are presenting the eulogy.
  • Express gratitude for those in attendance.  Let everyone know that their presence is itself a tribute.
  • Acknowledge the loss and express your personal condolences to family and close friends.


Body of the Eulogy – This is your primary message

In this phase you’ll include the following types of content:

  • Explain what makes the deceased special and unique – don’t just say the person was special but tell stories that bring that special feature or characteristic to life.
  • Use stories to illustrate a couple of the key characteristics
  • Share personal points of interest to the deceased; hobbies, passions, talents, special accomplishments


Provide comfort and offer uplifting thoughts

In this phase you’ll want to include the following types of content:

  • Comforting Bible Verse
  • Funeral Poem
  • Funeral Quote


Closing Remarks

In this phase you’ll want to include the following:

  • Summarize your presentation into a couple key points you want the audience to remember about the deceased.
  • Restate your condolences
  • Say goodbye to the deceased


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