5 Popular Grief Blogs, Helping Others with Grief


The loss of a loved one sets us on a path we wish we didn’t have to take.  Sometimes, when we struggle with feeling lost, helpless and alone, we need to feel connected to others who have experienced the same depth of loss. The internet can be a rich resource for finding others who have been on, or who are currently on, the same journey. More specifically, grief blogs offer encouragement, inspiration, and tips on how to navigate the deeply personal grief associated with losing someone we love. Here is a list of five of the best grief blogs out there, and a brief summary of each.

Popular Grief Blogs, Helping Others with Grief



MISS Foundation


Much more than just a blog forum, the MISS Foundation website provides information on support groups, offers advice, lists news and events, and includes other valuable resources specifically for families who have lost children. Here, you will also find information on how to channel your grief into something positive through volunteer work.



Grieving.com offers a forum-style webpage that allows participants to support each other by posting topics, and maintaining dialogue through replies, on a variety of different subjects, including the loss of a parent, child, partner, spouse, sibling, or pet. There are also forums for discussing the type of loss, such as violence, drunk driving, or suicide.


Legacy Connect


On this website, participants support each other through participation in loss-specific groups, including the loss of a sibling, twin, niece, or grandparent, or a loss due to terminal illness or violence. Members can start groups focused on the loss of a specific person as well. That way, other friends and family can join and discuss their grief. Members can also post pictures honoring their loved ones.  Additionally, there is a section on this site that contains blogs written by experts who offer advice on how to navigate through grief. You can also find a page with links to inspirational poetry, as well as a page that links to articles on everything from funeral etiquette to wills and estates, and support group resources.


The Grief Toolbox


The Grief Toolbox posts blogs on a variety of subjects related to loss, including how to help children cope with the loss of a loved one, dealing with grief on birthdays, fearing the future, and divorce after the loss of a child. This website allows readers to submit original articles and poems, so if you write as a way of coping with your grief, consider contributing to this site.


Online Grief Support


This site has a list of groups participants can join, such as those focused on the loss of a child, spouse or parent, or losing someone to cancer or violence. Group members post their personal stories of loss, original poems, thoughts, and ongoing struggles with grief. Readers offer support by leaving comments on the individual blog entries. There is a location on this site where you can set up your own page so you can log in and post your entries, and read supportive comments from others.


Grief due to the loss of someone we love can be felt so deeply and be so personal that, at times, we may feel like we’re alone in our struggle. It is in those moments that we need an avenue of support and expression more than ever, and knowing where to turn for help can make all the difference in the world.


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